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₹ 3,700.00

The multi Grip Pull Up Bar from Home Gym Dynamics is designed to provide a serious upper body workout. There are 4 grips on the bar that will stimulate the all major muscle groups of the upper body from all possible angles.

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₹ 3,500.00

The original wall mounted Pull Up Bar is a very rugged and heavy duty gadget for a serious upper body workout. The Pull Up Bar is scientifically designed to ensure maximum results.

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Besket Ring Pull Up Bar Consists of two wall mounts that are secured to the wall using 4 wall anchor bolts each.

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₹ 3,800.00

Combination of Pull Up Bar and top Pulley. Attach plates or dumbbell to the cable for top pulley resistance workouts. Ideal for triceps, shoulders, chest etc. The pulley bracket can be moved to one side when used for pull ups. Cable can be removed after workout.

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₹ 3,500.00 ₹ 3,800.00

13mm, 8bolt 6mm, 2bolt 12by13 spanor 1no 32mm 36inch 1no 22inch 2no

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13mm 8 anchor bolt 6mm 2no 15in 1chain 22 in 2no 36 in 2no 7 feet 6 mm cable 1no

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